Studio Alternate - Chris Burkard


We actually do have an impressive team. Here's a bit more about each member:

Operations Manager: Mike Sandifer

As Operations Manager, Mike is Chris' right hand man, overseeing the "big picture" of Chris Burkard Studios.  With a strong background in management and a love for the outdoors, Mike brings not only expertise to the Operations Manager role, he also keeps the stoke level high.  While he does love snowboarding and wakeboarding, since moving to the Central Coast he is quickly getting frothy about bodysurfing and other ocean-based activities.  

Studio Manager: James Exley

James has almost a decade of experience in the commercial photography industry.  At the age of 25 he gave up a promotion, quit his job and worked as an intern for a year at a major commercial studio in Chicago.  That led to a 3.5 year stint as full-time 1st Assistant in the same studio.  He moved to California in 2011, and apprenticed under several more top commercial photographers (in addition to shooting for himself).  His wide range of experience makes him uniquely suited to oversee Chris' studio.

Photo Editor: Russell Holliday

Russell hails from Santa Barbara, and graduated from Cal-Poly.  He has proven himself to be an invaluable asset to the studio, as his attention to detail and strong work ethic have already contributed to improving the workflow of the studio's asset management.  Easily the frothiest member of the studio, Russell's love for the water is backed up by his legitimately impressive surf style, and his increasingly strong surf photography.  

Office Manager: Ryan Hill

Ryan interned with Chris in 2015, and his strong performance during that internship led Chris to offer him a full-time position in 2016.  A Cal-Poly grad, Ryan's love of science and the outdoors is a combination that fits in perfectly at Chris Burkard Studios.  His logical approach to problem solving makes him well suited to handling office logistics, and his stoke for all things outdoors (particularly surfing) is right in line with what we're all about.  When he's not taking care of business in the office, Ryan is usually hunting down the best waves in the area.

Intern: Ryan Espinosa

Ryan Espinosa hails from Texas.  He's been pursuing videography and photography for several years now, and his strong work - combined with his willingness to grind out the nomad lifestyle in pursuit of his dreams - made him stand out as a candidate for an internship.  We're excited to see where this internship leads him!

Intern: Basil Lynch

Basil impressed the CB team with his dedication and hard work.  He applied to intern in 2015, but was not selected at that time.  However, he stayed in touch with the studio, and was eventually selected as an intern in 2016.  His constant grin and positive outlook, combined with strong problem-solving skills, has already made him a valuable member of the team.

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