1-DAY WORKSHOP -- MARCH 23 - Chris Burkard

On March 23rd, 2016, Chris Burkard will be leading a collaborative photo workshop at the historic Provo City Library in Provo, Utah. This 1-day workshop will go from 8:00am-5:00pm and cover a wide array of topics from photographic theory to in depth business practices. Following a group session format, students are encouraged to ask questions at all times which enables an organic and spontaneous atmosphere. See below for more information on curriculum and to reserve your spot! 



email: info@chrisburkard.com to be added to our waitlist

Lunch included with Workshop

Wednesday March 23rd, 2016

Provo City Library Room 201 -- 550 N University Ave, Provo, UT


Here is a breakdown of what I will be diving into:

1. Introduction - Who you are and what brought you here?

2. Water Photography - How to capture images in the water.

3. Gear - My theory on the gear I use and why I use it.

4. Business of photography - How to work with magazines and brands.

5. Utilizing Social Media to build your brand.

6. Image Backups and Post Processing.

7. Open Discussion about Style and Composition

8. Q&A


COST: $400

*A refund of $200 can be processed on all orders until 3/16/16 in which, after that date, all orders become non-refundable*


"This was a phenomenal class. I highly recommend it to anyone. Chris is not only a sensational photographer, he is a wonderful teacher. He provides such detailed information and freely gives same to his students. He is really really available and eager to answer questions and so easy to understand. I learned so much and I was thrilled. I am very very grateful I found this particular class." - Basil Lynch

"Chris is doing a fantastic job of discussing photography from a spiritual and emotional perspective, rather than the technical aspects of getting a great shot. Although technical knowledge and application are essential, a photographer's visualization of how elements must come together in order to create an impactful and timeless photograph is the key ingredient for stunning and memorable photographs. Chris is a master not only behind the camera, but also in explaining and motivating his audience. Thanks Chris, I'll look for you next time I'm traveling through SLO." - Kayla Furin


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