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    Shooting The Edge of the Earth

    Shooting the Edge of the Earth


    Shooting the Edge of the Earth

    Shooting the Edge of the Earth

    I sat down with my good friends at Headlines and Heroes to talk about some of the ins and outs of being an adventure photographer as well as insights into shooting in harsh conditions.

    I also share what my craziest traveling experience is and what I love to do when I get home from a long trip! See link below:

    Headlines and Heroes Interview

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    California Coast in Peril
    I value public beach access.. Some of my earliest memories I have are running around in diapers eating sand & playing in the surf.

    There’s controversy raging in the California Coastal Commission, and if you enjoy surfing the Golden State then you should be concerned. A coup to oust longtime Executive Director Charles Lester, a man who has fought against questionable coastline projects time and time again, has been initiated by a band of Commissioners with ties to development interests. To see what’s at stake and how you can help, visit

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    What I Learned Shooting Heli Skiing

    Check out my latest newsletter where I give my lessons from a recent shoot in British Columbia shooting Heli Skiing! 


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    8 Tips For Shooting In Gnarly Weather

    Check out my new newsletter where I have provided 8 tips for shooting in extreme weather conditions…

    Arctic surfing in Norway

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  • Thu, 19 Nov 2015 23:05:44 +0000

    Gear Review Videos

    Hey guys,

    I put together a new gear video. After filming for a little bit I realised that this one was going to be a lot longer than the last one as I felt like going into much more detail as previously. So we decided to split it into 2 video.

    The first one is more about the camera gear and the second more focussed on the camping/outdoor gear I take with me.

    If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or contact me at

    Here’s a thorough gear review regarding all my camera equipment and essential accessories.

    • Mountainsmith Daylight Lumbar pack
    • Macbook Air
    • iPhone
    • Essential kit with cables, converters, chargers, AUX cable, USB wall charger, lightning pin adaptor
    • ChargeCard by Nomad
    • Bose Noise Cancelling headphones
    • Ursa Major face wipes
    • Northern Lights Optics sunglasses
    • SPOT Global Phone and GPS locator
    • Headlamps Lightweight Petzel
    • Extra batteries for Sony camera.
    • Memory Card wallet with Sony and or SanDisk 64GB or 128GB
    • MicroFiber cleaning cloths made from a MicroFiber towel
    • Carabiner Clip with chapstick, multi-tool, lens cleaning cloth
    • Goal Zero Flip 20
    • OlloClip with telephoto and wide angle
    • Black Diamond Revelation
    • Mizu glass coated water bottle
    • Really Right Stuff tripod
    • SPOT locator
    • Goal Zero Venture 30
    • WD hard drive and case
    • Black Diamond Storm headlamp
    • Ditty bag with infrared remote and cable release, emergency memory card, tripod tools, lens cloth, rubber bands, Peak Design locks for neck straps
    • Filter Kit
    • Graduated Neutral Density filter by LucrOit
    • Neutral Density filter by Hoya
    • Circular Polarizer by Hoya
    • Main Camera Bag (Crumpler Camera Pouch)
    • 24-70mm f/4 Zeiss made for Sony
    • 16-35mm f/4 Zeiss made for Sony
    • Sony a7R II
    • Arca-Swiss Universal Camera Plate
    • Second Bag (Crumpler Pouch)
    • Sony FE 70-200mm f/4.0
    • Sony a7S **UPDATE** This camera is now replaced with the new Sony a7S II
    • Sony 28mm f/2 with fisheye adapter
    • Third Bag (Kinesis bag)
    • Zeiss Batis 25mm f/2
    • Sony a6000
    • Sony Vario-Tessar T* E 16-70mm f/4
    • Nikon AW1 with 10mm and 11-27mm
    • Power adapter
    • Extra cables
    • Camera charger

    Here’s a thorough gear review regarding all my camping and miscellaneous equipment essential for my trips.

    • 3DR Robotics drone
    • Granite Gear packable wheeled duffel
    • Waterproof boots by Salomon
    • Motorola Talkabout MS350R waterproof radios
    • Mindshift camera bag
    • Medical Kit
    • Black Diamond trekking poles
    • Light-Weight joby tripod
    • Bag of snacks withe Rise Bars, Clif bar bloks, Amazing Grass superfood supplements
    • Goal Zero Sherpa 100
    • Goal Zero solar panels
    • Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini
    • SteriPen
    • Multi-tool by Gerber
    • Primus camp stove
    • Small Kinesis camera bag
    • Filter cleaning kit with Arctic Butterfly sensor brush
    • Bag full of Sony ActionCam essentials
    • Nemo Dagger 2
    • Bag with sleeping bag and sleeping pad
    • Clothing bag by Granite Gear
    • Foam roller by TP Therapy

    Thanks to Adam P. for filming and editing.

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    Interview: TheKrakens

    Excited to share the interview I recently did with TheKrakens

    Chris Burkard is the Ansel Adams of Instagram with more than a million loyal followers. He is a jaw-dropping photographer, artist, and now director. His website explains, “Searching for wild, remote destinations and offbeat landscapes, Burkard portrays the humble placement of the human in contrast to
    nature.” Burkard’s popular TED talk explores ‘The joy of surfing in ice-cold water‘. He lives with his wife and kids in California.

    You can read the whole interview HERE



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    REI: #OptOutside


    I have never known Black Friday to be anything more than a day outside with family. Whether that is a road trip or simply exploring your own backyard, any excuse to be in Nature is a good one to me.

    So I am honored to stand with REI as they close their doors for Black Friday and ask people to ‪#‎OptOutside‬. Its a small gesture that can have a huge effect.

    The goal is to see people outside doing what they love, because that is what its all about. I am not sure where I am heading yet but the Sierras sounds pretty nice right about now.

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    Instameet – October 3rd 2015

    This weekend is the world wide Instameet and I am beyond stoked to be hosting one in Avila Beach , CA on Saturday Oct 3rd.

    Never been to an Instameet?

    It’s nothing more than a big beach hangout, possibly a Polar Plunge In the Pacific Ocean and a bunch of free pizza and donuts (healthy I know haha) Come out to old port beach 5-10pm , look for the Tiki torches and for more details and activities check out my co-hosts @mrsgrubby and @visitslo .. Thanks to @niche for helping make it happen! #WWIM12SLO



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  • Mon, 21 Sep 2015 23:53:50 +0000

    Chris Burkard Photography Workshop

    Last Saturday I held a photography workshop at my gallery in Avila Beach. With a small number of 15 participants the group was a perfect size for everyone to get to work close up and personal with me and ask their questions.

    I love teaching and passing on my passion for photography and I think this was another successful workshop and I can’t wait to hold the next workshops!

    We started off with a little bit about my background and how I started out and went on to talk about image composition and what it takes to capture a great image. We then moved on to my equipment and talked about why I choose to use the lenses and cameras I use followed by photography as a business. Since there was a really wide range of photographers from photo enthusiasts all the way to full time professionals it was really interesting to share my perspective of things but also hear about what others had to say.

    After a lunch break we continued discussing social media and how you can use it get your photography business started up and running and how it can be a useful tool to coordinate collaborations, make connections and work with brands and companies and also how to read and understand your analytics and statistics to effectively reach out to the right audience.

    Finally we covered photo editing techniques and how to backup and organise thousands of photos effectively using software like Lightroom and Photo Mechanic.


    I’d like to thank everyone who came and hope that everyone went home inspired at the end of the day.


    Chris B.


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    Using Instagram For Business. From 0 To 1 Million Followers.

    They guys over at CreativeLive did an interview with me about how I use Instagram to build and run my business. Worth checking out!

    Here a little preview:

    Today, prolific photographer and CreativeLive instructor, Chris Burkard hit 1 Million followers on Instagram.

    To celebrate this incredible milestone, Chris is sharing with us exactly how he’s used Instagram to grow his photography business, how he built an engaged following, and is giving actionable tips to everyone looking to leverage Instagram for business.

    For many of the world’s most famous photographers, Instagram has proven to be a very valuable channel for not just building a community of loyal followers, but for creating lucrative relationships with brands, businesses, and other photographers in the industry.

    As Chris puts it himself, “99% of my work comes from Instagram and other social media channels.”

    Q. How would someone who’s just starting out, go about acquiring their first 100 or 1,000 followers?

    Chris:   “The key is consistency in your content, social engagement, and image curation. You can be a talented photographer, but if you aren’t able to curate your feed in a way that catches the eye of new visitors to your profile, it will be difficult to get off the ground.”

    When you take a look at Chris’ feed, it’s all very carefully curated and doesn’t feature images that are off-brand with what his followers appreciate, there aren’t any funky cropped images, and absolutely everything inspires you to adventure in the outdoors.


    Check out the full article and interview here:


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