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Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard is an accomplished explorer, photographer, creative director, speaker, and author. Here you will find a compilation of podcasts captured and produced over the years. 

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Creator Exchange: Chris Burkard and Tycho

6/08/20 | 61  min.

Creator Exchange puts our community in the mindset of seeing the world through someone else's eyes in both a personal and professional sense. This is a weekly, live-streamed casual conversation between two different types of creators from different disciplines. Today we listen in with award winning photographer Chris Burkard, and Tycho, an American musician, songwriter, and producer. 

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The Art of Suffering

5/26/20 | 69  min.

Chris has established himself as committed artist who is willing to suffer extensively to get the perfect shot. And because of his love and respect for these wild places, Chris is also a committed conservationist, using his artistic skills to showcase the importance of endangered places and effect positive policy changes. We discuss his laser focus with his career, suffering in cold remote places, and ultra-endurance cycling. And as usual, we discuss favorite books, places in the West, and Chris offers some timely words of wisdom. 

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Photography, Creativity, Adventure, & Risk

5/17/20 | 63  min.

Chris will transport us to some of the most powerful landscapes on the planet, from high above Icelandic volcanoes to Russia's majestic remote wilderness. We'll explore the thrills and unpredictability of a career in outdoor photography, discover where Chris finds inspiration in everyday terrain, and learn how we all can transform our days in isolation into a period of creativity.

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Inclusion & Culture Through the Lens of an Outdoor & Surf Photographer

5/12/20 | 59 min.

In today’s podcast we don’t ask Chris about the best cameras, how to make it as a scrappy entrepreneur, but about inclusion and culture through the lens of an outdoor & surf photographer.

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Surfing Icon Mark Occhilupo Interviews Chris Burkard

5/09/20 | 57 min.

Surfing icon Mark Occhilupo interviews Chris Burkard on his latest trips and view on the current epidemic. We also end the podcast with questions from the viewers on Chris' life, gear, and travels.

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Dirt Roads That Lead to Nowhere With Chris Burkard

5/07/20 | 76 min.

We talk with trip leaders, guides, nomads, and those who left their traditional job for something they have been aspiring to be for a long time. We discuss in this episode his carbon footprint, his purpose of traveling, finding self worth in your work, where to look when there is no road map, and advocating for the cause you care about.

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Mind, Heart, and Soul Around Traveling

4/26/20 | 97  min.

We discuss how he has learned how to master suffering on a bicycle, his insane 200-800 mile solo nonstop bike races he often does. This interview discusses his mind, his heart and his soul. He shares about his monkey mind, anxiety, family, traveling, and what makes him tick! We dive a little into the Corona Virus and talk about his thoughts and the benefits of it.

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Finding Your Fuel, Engaging Storytelling, and Recession-Proofing Your Business

4/16/20 | 70 min.

Chris and I explore empathy, what it means to create a guiding vision, the importance of diversity of thought, an how to recession proof your business. Grab your notebook, you may want to jot a thing or two down.    

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Creators in Isolation With Chris Burkard, Alex Strohl, and Alen Palander

4/09/20 | 65 min.

Since COVID-19 has pushed us all into isolation, there has been an influx of news on how the creative community should deal with this pandemic. We wanted this episode to stand out from that noise and be highly actionable for anyone listening. We hope this episode helps provide you with some clarity on what you can do to continue growing through this crisis and come out of it stronger.    

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Roam From Home With Chris Burkard

3/26/20 | 55 min.

The conversation revolves around how Chris became a force to be reckoned with in the outdoor space, his strategy, and how he, his family, and community are working through the current uncertainty around the COVID-19 crisis. We also touch on photography accolades, diversifying, and communicating talents, where we gather deep wisdom from Chris on how to expand your portfolio and career within this downtime. 

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In the Beginning We are All Imposters

3/23/20 | 43  min.

The one thing that came up while we were talking was the phrase, “In the beginning we are all impostors.” The vulnerability of this statement should resonate with everyone listening. Now, that is somewhat of a tease to what comes next in his statement that should get you to hit play. The fact that photographers as successful as Chris say that should make you stop judging yourself and your photos.     - David Johnston

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Chris Burkard & Matt McDonald | Photographer & Co-Author of At Glacier's End

03/21/20 | 96  min.

We sit down with Chris Burkard & Matt McDonald, two photographers and explorers who co-authored 'At Glacier's End', a book about Iceland's glacial rivers. Friends since 2010, the three discuss storytelling, our National Parks, building relationships, self-publishing & so much more. Enjoy the podcast, and shop At Glacier's End!

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Balancing Relationships with Chris & Brea Burkard

3/20/20 | 105 min.

Listen in on how Chris & Brea Burkard balance their relationship, a family, and a full-time traveling career. This is the first time they have shared their story, and they discuss how they first met, the struggles, and the joys of their relationship. 

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Chris Burkard Talks About His Next Surf Film and the Art of Using Fear for Fuel

02/20/20 | 28 min.

The sea has basically spawned his entire career and he takes pride in his ocean roots. But his image-making has become more than surf photography. His photos capture the real feel of a place, not just the surf, and makes people want to be where he's been. 

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Record Setting Bike Lap of Iceland

02/18/20 | 58 min.

In the summer of 2019, Chris set a new record in the WOW Cyclothon in Iceland, completing the 844 mile ride that traverses the perimeter of the country in 52 hours, 36 minutes, and 19 seconds. Chris does a deep dive on his record-breaking effort, which included 45 mph crosswinds, zero sleep, unicorn hallucinations, and nine hours of torrential rain.

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How to  Say Yes to What You Want

12/25/19 | 87min.

Of course in this episode we get into his new book, At Glacier’s End, but we also get into some meaty topics such as: the power of exploring personal projects and how it can shape new opportunities, the sacrifice that comes with pursing your passions, personal growth, and how it evolves over time and so much more.    - The Chase Jarvis Show

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Chris Burkard & Kelly Clarkson

10/22/19 | 58 min.

On this episode we discuss the amazing stories of Kelly Clarkson, the very first winner of American Idol, who battled adversity and difficulties to become the renowned artist she is today, as well as Chris Burkard, a talented photographer, filmmaker, and social media icon, who went through not-so-glamorous situations to become a legend in Outdoor Photography.

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Travel With Meaning by Mike Schibel

10/22/19 | 56 min.

In this interview with Mike Schibel, we will hear how Chris Burkard began his journey, his style of photography, how he got started traveling, and some his favorite places to travel.

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Through the Lens of Faith

10/09/19 | 55 min.

On this episode, we delve deeper into the messages of light Burkard shares with the world  on social media about topics like suffering, enduring, and connecting by looking at them with an eye of faith. We cover a few topics such as: Seeking validation vs. longing to do good; Scrolling 300ft every day; and how we measure our lives.

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Shooting in Sub-zero Temperatures 

09/26/19 | 54 min.

We speak with Burkard about a range of subjects- and this conversation does not disappoint. We get right into it by asking about his penchant for shooting in frigid locations and how stubbornness and even persistence can be the enemy of good photography when shooting in sub-zero temperatures. We discuss the composition of his photographs and how that is indicative of his views on nature, and we dig into his "origin story" and why clients began to come to him for the kind of photography he creates. 

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How to Find Creativity & Fulfillment With Chris Burkard

08/20/19 | 47 min.

In this episode we will talk about: How to tell stories without humans in your photos; Why negative feedback is good; What is Chris' creative source; Is earth better off without humans; and why Chris doesn't give feedback online. 

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Chris Burkard's Passion For Cycling

07/08/19 | 68 min.

This past year Chris started training for a 844 mile race that circumnavigates Iceland called WOW Cyclothon. He had an incredible race to set a new course record by 3.5 hours! And remember, he's just doing this in his spare time for fun! We mostly talk about his race and his passion for cycling.  

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The Snorri Bjorns Podcast Show with Chris Burkard

07/02/19 | 68 min.

This past year Chris started training for a 844 mile race that circumnavigates Iceland called WOW Cyclothon. He had an incredible race to set a new course record by 3.5 hours! In this episode, we talk about cycling, Chris' passion for Iceland and his numerous 34 trips, and traveling Iceland with Justin Bieber. 

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Exploring Iceland, Ruling Instagram, and Pet Alpacas

06/16/19 | 36 min.

We talk about his love of Iceland, his fraught relationship with Instagram, and how he came to own and love a pair of pet alpacas. 

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Celebrity Photographer and Adventurer

04/07/19 | 53  min.

Chris has made a name for himself by beautifully capturing moments from some of the wildest and most remote corners of the globe. We will get into the head of one of the hardest working and toughest adventurers Payson has met. We talk about Chris's love for distance riding, the double-edged sword of social media, and why putting his camera away is the most important step to getting "the shot".

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Chris Burkard - Adventure and Legendary Photographer

03/12/19 | 61  min.

In this interview, we ask him about his following and how he deals with the success on that platform. We also go over how to balance life and career, how to start, and what you should pack when traveling.

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Surf Photography Under the Northern Lights of Lofoten

03/15/19 | 22 min.

Chris Burkard reveals how struggling with the elements not only brought him closer to himself but made his work more meaningful. Learn more about his journey and get insider tips on ice surfing, taking better photographs, and Chris' favorite places on the Lofoten Islands in Norway. 

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Photographer & Storyteller Exploring the Globe

02/25/19 | 44 min.

He spoke with Yogi Roth during the 100th episode of The Yogi Roth Show to discuss his travels, creative process, how he sees the world and of course what it means to be human. Listen in to discover how travel can be the most effective process of improving as a person. 

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Becoming a Cold-Water Surf Photographer on the Lofoten Islands

01/30/19 | 46 min.

Find out why surf photographer, Chris Burkard, traded sunny beaches and palm trees for the rugged coastline and ice waters of Lofoten, Norway. In Lufthansa's first ever travel podcast series, host Shelby Stanger interviews people who tell their own personal stories of how traveling to a new country has been a life-changing experience for them. Chris Burkard reveals how battling the elements not only brought him closer to himself but made his work more personal and meaningful. 

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Chris Burkard - A Mountain Storytelling Podcast

12/07/18 | 100  min.

In this interview, Burkard speaks transparently and honestly about: How there are no shortcuts to joy in life...and that anything worth pursuing requires suffering; the difference between religion and spirituality; his quest for validation through work; how his family is the best method of self-reflection and why remote places deserve to be visited, so they can be protected.    

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Gravitating Towards Your Fears with Chris Burkard

10/18/18 | 49  min.

We speak with Chris about how he operates and continues to push himself to new limits. We got a chance to see and hear how Chris built and amazing team around him and how he leverages their talents. Being approachable is not the only part that helps him create such amazing deal-flow with his commercial work.     

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Chris Dishes His No-BS Recipe For Sacrifice and Success

09/12/18 | 57 min.

Chris shares his no-BS approach to the perpetual hustle mindset and gets real and raw about how much you have to sacrifice to find the success you desire. We also chat with Chris about: How to fill the gaps in your skillset; Why you should be investing in yourself with time and money; Everything you need to learn about the 'technical stuff'; His relationship with Instagram; and creating passive revenue streams.     

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Surf & Landscape Photographer

07/09/18 | 36 min.

In this episode we dive into Chris Burkard's life, the wight and responsibility of social media, what is meaningful about your career, aligning with brands, and standing up for what you believe in.         

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Photographer and Artist 

06/25/18 | 35  min.

On this episode we discuss: How Chris fell in love with the outdoors. How he ruined $30k worth of camera gear. Why he spent a night in a Russian jail. Chris takes us behind the scenes of all the hard work that goes into planning an outdoor trip, and says that anyone can turn their passions into a career.


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Be Willing to Take Risks, Even if You Fail

06/17/18 | 46 min.

Listen to the interview with Story Untold and why at age 32, Chris is still learning in his craft and industry. Chris is one of the most well known storytellers of the social media age, amassing over 3 million Instagram followers with stunning landscape photography. 

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Finding Photography with Chris Burkard  

01/18/18 | 50  min.

Chris was kindly enough to share his story and we go through where he came from, how he looks at the world around him, and why his images are so well received. You will also learn how to tell a story through images, and how Chris finds balance in his work and what he wishes to communicate.               

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Chris Burkard on the Sony a7R III 

10/25/17 | 14  min.

Chris had a chance to use the Sony a7R III before its introduction. Burkard along with fellow Sony Artisan Renan Ozturk, took the camera on a whirlwind project through the desert southwest. We spoke with Burkard on the eve of the camera's global launch to find out why it's going to be his new workhorse camera.                

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Chris Burkard - Photographer & Athlete

09/05/17 | 53  min.

A Californian based photographer go to the ends of the earth to capture amazing athletes, mostly surfers, engaging the wild around them. The juxtaposing of athlete and arctic swell will leave you speechless. In this episode we learn how he got to where he is today. A self taught photographer who has built his own career out of talent and passion will share some great stories of his journey. And he is an athlete too. We hope this show takes you to places you never imagined, before you knew they were possible.        

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Chris Burkard - Making Timeless Work

05/30/17 | 29 min.

In this episode Chris was pressed for time as he was on the road, but we discuss what makes his photography stand out, creating timeless work, work life balance, and his new film Under and Arctic Sky.    

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Own Less, Do More With Chris Burkard

05/26/17 | 22 min.

On Damn Hippie, we talk to travelers, yogis, surfers, and others that are living adventurously, eco-friendly, and life on the fringe. Our first episode is with photographer Chris Burkard.

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Becoming a World-Class Adventure Photographer

03/01/17 | 48 min.

Listen to this episode if: You want to be an adventure or nature photographer. You want to find a deeper connection to nature. You want to know how to balance family and travel. You want to learn tips on how to become a successful photographer. Or, if you want to know how he started photography. 

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