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In September 2017, Chris Burkard will be leading an intensive photography workshop through the uncharted waters near Greenland. Sailing aboard the Aurora Arktika, participants will explore the Ammassalik Island, Sermilik ice fjord, Johan Petersen fjord, and other epic locations on the way. You will spend time adventuring through everything from the tiny inuit villages of Tiniteqilaq, Kummiut or Sermiligaq to shooting the Aurora Borealis on the surrounding mountain tops! 

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  • In front of Nigertulup  Kagtilersarpia Arqorseq glacier. Nigertuluk fjord, east Greenland.


Regarding the places you will be stopping at along the way, it totally depends on the weather and sea-ice conditions at the time. It will be early autumn in the Arctic and the northern lights will surely be lighting up the night sky. It is possible for all of the surrounding mountain peaks to be dusted with snow as winter approaches. It’s impossible to give a 100% accurate itinerary but the tentative itinerary is as follows: 

- Explore around the Ammassalik island.  

- Visit the big Sermilik ice fjord and anchor there amongst giant icebergs,

- Travel to Johan Petersen fjord.

- Stop at some of the tiny inuit villages; Tiniteqilaq, Kummiut or Sermiligaq.

- Visit the abandoned WW2 military base Bluie East 2.

- Anchor near the Knut Rasmussen glacier and Karale glacier.

- Stop in Tasiilaq, the biggest town of the east coast of Greenland, population around 2000.

The itinerary is loose and is going to be built around the weather. We have a huge list of activities we will be participating in and shooting everyday. This workshop is the opportunity to shoot alongside me while we both strive to create the best images we can. We will concept out assignments and work on how to best execute them. Each day will have options for different activities. It is important that those who apply have a decent understanding of their camera and feel safe participating in any of these activities.

Expedition sailboat Arktika has close encounter with a small humpback whale. Sermilik fjord, Ammassalik region, east Greenland.


This workshop will include daily instruction and is structured around 7 course modules. There will be group sessions as well as one-on-one reviews and instruction. We will be covering some of these topics in detail. The students will be required to work on mock assignments given by me. Daily critiques will be given as well!

- Shooting for a magazine, client or brand

- Social media tips and best practices.

- Photographic techniques and best practices

- Working with light / photo theory

- Editing in Lightroom

- Building your digital library

- Working with editors

- Building your personal brand

- How to optimize your camera

  • Photo workshop with Chris Burkard onboard Arktika, in June 2016
  • A cabin for four. Onboard sailboat Arktika.


Including but not limited to:

- Kayaking

- Day Hiking

- Wildlife Observations: Arctic Foxes, Puffins, and more

- Polar Plunges in the Arctic Ocean

- Stellar home cooked Iceland Cuisine, prepared by the Captain

- Learning the ins and outs of sailing through the Arctic

- Photograph the Aurora Borealis!

  • Unusually little ice allowed us to explore Watkins fjord, something that we've never been able to do before.
  • Sailboat Arktika anchored in Kangertigtivatsiaq fjord, east Greenland. The season's first northern lights on the sky.


- All food, accommodation, and transportation once you arrive in Greenland.

- Bunk accommodation on Aurora Arktika (due to the nature of this trip and this vessel, participants will have individual bunks in a communal space - no private accommodations are available)

- Personal, one-on-one photographic instruction and guidance from Chris.

- Image review sessions and tips on processing your image files

- Access to parts of the Greenland coast that few people ever get to see!


- Airfare Travel and trip insurance to and from Greenland

- Tips for Captain and Crew appreciated



*Final payment is due by July 28th, 2017. At this time the deposit becomes non-refundable.*


"To say that the trip to Greenland with Chris was amazing, inspiring and the best thing I have possibly ever done is an understatement. Chris and his team are an exceptionally creative, professional and talented bunch. My photography has come on in leaps and bounds. The captain and his crew on our beautiful home for the week were so welcoming, accommodating and knowledgeable. It was definitely a trip of self discovery, fun and adventure and I have made new friends for life."

- Emma K.

"I started the trip with a decent grasp of photography fundamentals and editing. By the end, I had been completely transformed and now have an intuitive understanding of focus, aperture, and focal length like I’ve never had before. Lightroom color correcting now makes total sense to me as well. Amazing experience."

- Judson V.

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